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Artist Bio

Jessie (b. 1980), is a self-taught artist/traveller who questions about city situations and spatial issues with the fast-paced city where she stays in. Her work explores the human relationship between cultural spatial spaces.

She is also one of the performance artists for Yeo Chee Kiong’s “Sexy Shadows and the City” (2016), contributing to a local zine “Notions” and exhibits “Images from our Imaginations” (2016) at Early Literacy Center. Working together with Singapore After-Care Association, she took part in their street piano art collaboration “Play Me, I’m Yours” (2016) and had contributed artwork to their 60th anniversary planner, namely “Connections”.


“My work explores the relationship between psycho-geography and spatial experiences. With influences as diverse as Nietzsche, Guy Debord and Jacques Derrida, new insights are generated from both constructed and discovered narratives. Walking is a critical aspect which tends to be misplaced by the human society.

We are “constantly” led on by the spatial renovation of Singapore, turning from cultural to be a metropolitan city that we are currently residing in. Attempting to make meaning of the influx of visual simulation, semiotics, and values depending upon the culture, it had permeated out personal space in a complexed city. How then does walking aimlessly attempt to address these problems? Most apparent is the idea that getting lost in a city is a sure-fire way to learn how to get found again.

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Modern arts
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