“Void Zen”

26th May 2018
Medium: Clay and Charcoal
Exhibition: “Got Your Name or Not?” at Your Mother Gallery

The interior complexity of a human being. Taking from the philosophy of the Japanese zen of balancing, how are we to balance our interior in the inner complexity?

The charcoal used together with white cement is more or less the near to nature, void of everything in our inner psyche of a human being.

Being able to be in a collaborative artwork is how we were to communicate our outer psyche with our inner psyche.

Moder art


March 2018 – Ongoing
Graphite on Chinese Ink Paper

What is in the beauty of a path?
The connection with the concrete material on the linear perspective, is nearly reached using the research methodology, Psychogeography to have that derive for the questioning urbanism and spatial/situation issues that happened within the fast-paced city that I am living in.

Modern art


Feb, 2018
Color Transparencies

We are “constantly” led on by the spatial renovation of Singapore, turning from cultural to being a metro politan city that we are currently residing in.

Attempting to make meaning of the influx of visual simulation, semiotics, and values depending upon the culture, it had permeated out personal space in a complexed city. How then does walking aimlessly attempt to address these problems? Most apparent is the idea that getting lost in a city is a sure way to learn how to get found again. This series implies on how the psychological effects of an urban environment, the comparisons between multiple cities have a certain mystery link towards our point of curiosity into unplanned journeys.

Fine art


October, 2017
Mixed Media

“Many people nowadays live in a series of interiors…disconnected from each other. On foot everything stays connected…”
– Rebecca Solnit

The work that I am trying to present is memories from a recent trip that I have went to in June/July. As memories fade, we will tend to forget everything, even the smallest details. When we wander aimlessly, do we always ask ourselves? What and where do I come across this certain point? As a painter, we will always paint using our traditional medium and I am still experimenting in how to bring it forward.

Things change and always pass too fast for us and we tried to capture it always on photographs. From psychogeography to memories, there is a small link in that connection. As Rebecca Solnit stated, a “wanderer’s ability will always invoke emotions and feelings of an individual.”

Using inspiration from Gerhard Richter’s “blurred photographed” paintings and his film photos of the War, it’s like a blurred line between “our body being present to witness to whole event” but it will not be a good sight to hold. How do different places make us feel and behave? The wax acts as a binding agent (connection) between two lines on the handmade paper, creating a surreal feel on the subject’s gaze.

Modern art


27th November 2017
Carbon Transfer Paper
A4 x 4 pcs

The artwork that I am currently researching on, based on readings, getting to understand on how a situation is being disassembled in imagined city.

Baudelaire describes the emerging city as a frenetic collage of mobile surfaces. The modern city and the postmodern city are understood in precisely the same terms. The surfaces themselves are seen to constitute a new kind of space, a new home. The seemingly alienated space of the city becomes the site of a new kind of house.

What I am trying to bring forward is how Singapore’s landmarks are being replaced by another city’s famous landmarks. Will it be an innocent prank of trying to change Singapore? What will be your imagination of our city?

Modern art


November, 2017

The direct transfer from the carbon paper and photo montages in a “re-imagined” city.

Modrn art